We love the concept of Virgin Voyages, this innovative cruise line has taken all the aspects of cruising that we like and perfectly packaged them into an adult only boutique hotel combined with a luxury yacht experience.

We’re proud to be a First Mate and our travel agency is qualified to sell Virgin Voyages. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to book your Virgin Voyage, or ask any questions, we’re here to help.

Who is a Virgin Voyager?

They are a new class of sailors at sea. Someone who is looking for an elevated experience, a cruise with a bit of sparkle and lots of freedom to be who they are and do what they want. There’s no buffet restaurants, no enforced formal dress codes, and no assigned dining times or tables.

Virgin Voyages is a mind set rather than aimed at a particular age group. Offering something different to the standard cruises currently on the market. Think young at heart, aimed at adults who previously thought a cruise would be too stuffy and boring.

What is included?

Over $600 of value is automatically included in your cruise:

  • Wifi included – stay connected, where ever you are on the ship
  • Food included – Dine out in any of the 20+ eateries with no extra charge
  • Tips included – All gratuities covered for your onboard experience
  • Fitness included – Group fitness classes are free of charge
  • Soft drinks included – keep hydrated with water, soft drinks, tea & coffee

Virgin Ladies

Virgin Voyages have 3 cruise ships, that are all based on the same design:

  • Scarlet Lady (1st) is based in Miami with voyages to the Caribbean. Shipbuilder Fincantieri officially handed over the Scarlet Lady on the 13th February 2020. She was launched in the UK with the Summer Soirées voyages during August 2021.
  • Valiant Lady (2nd) will be based in Barcelona for the summer season with voyages to France & Spain. Joining her sister in Miami for the winter season, with 2 transatlantic cruise opportunities. (Launching from UK in March 2021)
  • Resilient Lady (3rd) will be based in Athens with voyages to Greece & the Adriatic. (Launching August 2022). Her winter base 2022/2023 will be San Juan, Puerto Rico with voyages covering the Southern Caribbean. Plus two 11 night transatlantic voyages between Portugal & Puerto Rico.

Designed with an elegant super yacht in mind, the Virgin Ladies are mid sized ships with 17 decks, carrying a maximum of 2,770 Sailors (passengers) and 1,160 Crew. These cruise ships have been designed with innovative technology to be carbon-neutral from their first commercial sailings.

Cabins & Suites

Known as Clever Cabins the accommodation is designed to feel like a boutique hotel with auto sensory lighting and a/c settings. Fitted with Seabeds, cabins can be transformed into a more social space with sofa in the daytime, converting to a bed for the evening. Cabin crew will automatically convert the Seabeds each day unless you give an alternative preference to leave the bed made up at all times. Your cabin will automatically go into eco mode when you leave, closing your curtains and minimising air conditioning, using tech in the floor and your band to reverse this when you return.

There are 1,408 cabins in total including 78 RockStar Quarters. 93% have sea views, and 86% have sea terraces with hammocks. Solo options available with no extra premium.

Cabins & Suites are automatically allocated as best available position during reservation. However if you have a particular preference for location, this can be amended subject to availability with Sailor Services.

Your Cabin number is a code, an odd number specifies a suite, and even a cabin. The first number is the deck and the letter at the end signifies which side of the ship you are located – A for Port (left) and Z for Starboard (right). A lower number is AFT (back) and a higher number is FWD (front).

Insider cabins accommodate 1-4 sailors, sized from 105-177 sq ft.

  • Social Insider (177 sq ft) sleeping up to 4 with bunk style beds that fold away for the daytime.
    • Total: 10
    • Decks: 5
    • Position: MID
    • Code: I4
  • The Insider (177 sq ft) sleeping up to 3 sailors.
    • Total: 55
    • Decks: 5 & 9-14
    • Position: FWD/MID/AFT
    • Code: IN
  • Solo Insider (105 sq ft) for sole travellers.
    • Total: 40
    • Decks: 5,8 & 11-14
    • Position: MID
    • Code: I1

Sea View cabins accommodate 1-3 sailors, sized 130-190 sq ft.

  • The Sea View (190 sq ft) sleeping up to 3.
    • Total: 89
    • Decks: 5 & 9-12
    • Position: FWD/MID
    • Code: VW
  • Solo Sea View (130 sq ft) for sole travellers.
    • Total: 6
    • Decks: 9 & 12
    • Position: FWD
    • Code: V1

Sea Terrace cabins accommodate 2-4 sailors, sized 225-265 sq ft. Extras include a bigger bathroom with room for 2 rainshower, a personal tablet for mood lighting, music controls, movie streaming & room service.

  • XL Sea Terrace (265 sq ft) the biggest cabin available, sleeping up to 3 sailors.
    • Total: 112
    • Decks: 8-14
    • Position: FWD
    • Code: TX
    • Interior size 225 sq ft
    • Terrace size 40 sq ft
  • Central Sea Terrace (225 sq ft) mid ship position, sleeping up to 3 sailors.
    • Total: 78
    • Decks: 8-14
    • Position: MID
    • Code: TC
    • Interior size: 185 sq ft
    • Terrace size: 40 sq ft
  • The Sea Terrace (225 sq ft) epic views, sleeping up to 4 sailors.
    • Total: 78
    • Decks: 8-14
    • Position: MID
    • Code: TR
    • Interior size: 185 sq ft
    • Terrace size: 40 sq ft
  • Ltd Sea View Terrace TL (225 sq ft) limited views, sleeping up to 4 sailors.
    • Total: 78
    • Decks: 8
    • Position: FWD/MID/AFT
    • Code: TL
    • Interior size: 185 sq ft
    • Terrace size: 40 sq ft

Adapted Suites for Sailors with reduced mobility are available across the different cabin categories. Light switches on both sides of the bed. Electrical and USB points by bed and desk. Double rail wardrobes. The seabeds can be split into two singles with space for a wheelchair beside each one. Balconies have a ramp access.

  • Entrance doorways: 850mm
  • Seabed height: 500mm
  • Suite bed height: 650mm
  • Bathroom turning circle: 1525mm
  • Toilet seat height: 450mm

RockStar Suites for exclusive access and VIP treatment. Richard’s Rooftop access to member’s only area with sundeck, cocktails and lavish parties. Select beverages included for the in-room bar, choose from Rose All Day, The Bubs or Grape Mix Master (4x750ml bottles of wine, champagne or prosecco), or Spirit Takeover (5x375ml bottles of spirits & 10 mixers) . Early booking & priority access to events, restaurants & offshore experiences. RockStar Agent available 24/7 ready to assist. Ranging in size from 352-857 sq ft, sleeping 2-4 sailors.

Richard’s Rooftop is a private club on the top deck exclusive to Sailors with suites. Created by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio, this space includes Dichroic glass which to cast colourful rainbow reflections around this exclusive lounge & bar area.

  • Brilliant Suite SB (482 sq ft) sleeping 4 sailors.
  • Cheeky Corner Suite – Biggest Terrace SCB (753-857 sq ft) the highest & biggest terrace of the corner suites, sleeping 2 sailors.
  • Cheeky Corner Suite – Even Bigger Terrace SCE (660-708 sq ft), sleeping 2 sailors.
  • Cheeky Corner Suite – Pretty Big Terrace SCP (615-616 sq ft), sleeping 2 sailors.
  • Seriously Suite SS (352 sq ft), sleeping 2 sailors.
  • Sweet Aft Suite – Biggest Terrace SAB (557-661 sq ft) central wake views, sleeping 2 sailors.
  • Sweet Aft Suite – Even Bigger Terrace SAE (459-504 sq ft) sea view from the shower, sleeping 2 sailors.
  • Sweet Aft Suite – Pretty Big Terrace SAP (416-418 sq ft) sea view from the shower, sleeping 2 sailors.

Mega RockStar Suites are situated on Deck 15, the biggest, the highest and the most important! All sleeping up to 4 sailors. Additional extras to the Rockstar Suites: Private transfers, premium WiFi, bottomless in-suite bar, daily bar tab, and daily spa access. Ranging in size from 570-2167 sq ft.

  • Massive Suite SM (2147 sq ft)
  • Fab Suite SF (950 sq ft)
  • Posh Suite SP (833 sq ft)
  • Gorgeous Suite SG (570 sq ft)


You won’t find a drinks package on a Virgin Voyages cruise. VV understood that there was a market for premium brands, and hand made cocktails. Non of this standing 3 deep at a bar, waiting for a ready made slush. You can expect a great bar service and professional bartending with cocktail flair. Drinks are chargeable, their USP is top end drinks served at reasonable prices. Soft drinks from the Coca Cola range are included free of charge, any other mixers would be chargeable. With coffees filter is included, any handcrafted versions would be chargeable.

Drinks at the bar in Pink Agave

Shake for Champagne™ is an on demand champagne delivery service. To activate, simply shake your phone! When the Virgin Voyages Sailor App is shaken, a secret button is revealed, press and a bottle of Moët & Chandon will be delivered to you, in a champagne bucket with two glasses. A bottle is $95. You may be surprised to learn that the t in Moët should be pronounced which is unusual in French, this is because it is a Dutch family name. Therefore Moët & Chandon sounds like Mo’wett e Chan don, it’s easier just to shake!

Bar Tab enables Sailor’s to pre pay $300 per sailor for premium beverages before departure. This bar credit can be used to buy anyone drinks, it’s not limited to per person, or cabin.


You can eat your heart out on board a VV cruise. There’s no buffet or set dining times, you can simply turn up at any of the 20+ eateries on board when you’re hungry.

Food on the in-table grill at Gunbae Korean BBQ

Book in advance via the Sailor App to make your restaurant reservations. At busy times if necessary you can join a virtual queue to continue your evening until your table is ready. Meals are normally made fresh to order from the various restaurant menus.

ShipEats is the onboard food delivery service, with specially designed dinnerware for fresh food. When you’re done, put your dishes in the delivery bag. You won’t find half eaten food trays in the corridors on VV. There is a $5 delivery fee for Ship Eats. If you are staying in RockStar Quarters, or any item on your delivery is chargeable, the fee is waived.

Bars & Restaurants

One of the main differences with Virgin Voyages is that all of the restaurants onboard are included within your cruise fare. There’s no additional charges for speciality dining. Choose your style, sophisticated, casual or grab and go.

The Wake is a sophisticated and cool place to dine out in the evening. Serving steaks, seafood and with a full raw bar, this decadent steakhouse is sure to be a popular choice. Waiter service including a cocktail trolley.

Test Kitchen is as the name suggests styled in a laboratory design. This experimental restaurant includes cooking classes, experimental cocktails and seasonal tasting menus. Waiter service.

Razzle Dazzle is a black & white themed restaurant serving “naughty food” and a Drag queen brunch. A casual restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vegetarian focused.

Gunbae is the Korean BBQ restaurant, where you can cook food on a grill in the middle of your table. Spicy food and drinking games. Waiter service.

Pink Agave is an upscale Mexican restaurant inspired by the capital’s street food scene.

Extra Virgin is an Italian trattoria serving aperitifs, antipasti and handmade pasta dishes.

The Dock is a mezze lounge, a place where you can dine outside with a view.

Lick Me Till Ice Cream scoop shop with six nostalgic flavours, plus a unique daily special.

Grounds Club coffee shop with thoughtfully sourced Intelligentsia Coffee.

Draught Haus modern craft brewery inspired taproom for beer drinkers.

Sip champagne lounge where bubbles are on offer to enjoy what ever the time of day.

On The Rocks cocktail bar where unique drinks will be blended with your favourite flavours.

Loose Cannon nautical themed bar which opens with a gun salute and sea shanty.

Gym and Tonic pool & juice bar in the fitness area.

The Galley is full of food truck inspired eateries, where you can grab something quick to eat. Including a taco stand, diner & dash (American), The Daily Mix (healthy), The Sweet Side (pastries), Well Bread (bakery), Hot off the Press (sandwiches), Grounds Too (coffee), Burger Bar, Bento Baby (Japanese) and Noodle Around (Ramen).

Sailor App

You won’t find a plastic cruise card with Virgin Voyages. Passengers will wear a smart red / black wristband to access facilities onboard. This band is posted to the Sailors home address prior to embarkation. This is your boarding card, room key, make purchases on board and VIP pass for RockStar Sailors to enter Richard’s Rooftop.

Sailors will download the Virgin Voyages App to activate their band, manage a bar tab, check in, book shore excursions and make restaurant reservations etc. “The Line Up” for onboard experiences is open for reservations at 60 days for suites, or 45 days prior to sailing for cabins. Spa bookings & fitness classes can only be booked once onboard. “Shore Things” are available to view and create your “Love list” before reservations open at 135 days for suites and 120 days prior to sailing for cabins.

The App is intuitive and will learn your preferences whilst aboard to surprise and delight Sailors. For example regular users of the spa may receive an invitation to a “sparty” (spa party at night) for example.

Vitamin Sea

There’s a choice of facilities to help with your Vitamin Sea whilst onboard Scarlet Lady, regardless if you like to be active or just chill out. Personal training sessions available at additional cost.

Aquatic Club is the main pool deck with day beds.

Build & Balance is a gym with weights and space for stretching & core exercises. Plus a yoga studio.

Bike & Burn is the cardio gym with running machines, rowers & spin bikes.

Training Camp is the area designated for group fitness classes, which are free.

The Athletic Club has a basketball court, boxing classes & chill out space.

Redemption Spa is the wellness area with a Thermal Suite and massages.

The Tune Up for manicures & pedicures.

Dry Dock hairdressers.

Stubble & Groom barbershop.

Squid Ink tattoo studio.

Well-Being Pool with sun beds and bar.

The Perch starts the day with sunrise yoga and finishes with sunset champagne.

The Runway jogging track is approx 255 metres long (1 mile = 1609.34m) just over 6 laps for a mile and just under 4 laps for 1km.


Virgin Voyages have shaken up the usual Broadway theatre style shows to create something of a festival style lineup. For a start the stage is in the centre of The Red Room.

Another Rose is an invite to a mysterious dinner party.

Scarlet Night wear red for a surprising & heart stirring event.

Duel Reality Romeo & Juliet with a circus twist.

Ships in the night has electrifying choreography to explore passing connections.

Dancepartyshowthing the name says it all.

The Manor has 3 bars and 2 floors, a venue for shows before transitioning into a nightclub.

The Red Room is a transformational, multi-form theatre.

The Groupie is a space for private karaoke.

Voyage Vinyl record shop & place to chill with tunes.

The Casino open for gambling whilst in international waters. Learn how to play from the dealers during port days.

The Social Club has board & card games, air hockey & shuffleboard.

The Arcade to play nostalgic games from your childhood such as pac-man.

Deck Plans

Deck 5:

Facilities: Razzle Dazzle (vegetarian restaurant), Pink Agave (Mexican restaurant), Redemption Spa & Sailor Services.

Cabin types: sea view, social insider & solo insider.

Deck 6:

Facilities: The Red Room (live performances), The Den (event space), The Casino, The Manor (nightclub), On the Rocks (bar), Squid Ink, Booty Free Shop, Stubble & Groom, Dry Dock, High Street, Get Lost, The Test Kitchen (Cooking Lab restaurant), Extra Virgin (Italian restaurant) & The Wake (steak & seafood restaurant, accessed by deck 7)

Deck 7:

Facilities: The Red Room (live performances), The Groupie (karaoke), The Manor (nightclub), Sip (lounge), Draught House (bar), Voyage Vinyl, Necessities Shop, Chart Room, The Roundabout (atrium), Lick me Til Ice Scream, The Pizza Place (pizza restaurant), Grounds Club (café), The Loose Canon (bar), The Social Club (bar restaurant), The Arcade, The Dock House (Mediterranean bar restaurant) & The Dock (mezze bar restaurant lounge).

Deck 8:

Cabin types: XL Sea Terrace, Ltd Sea View, Central Sea Terrace, The Sea Terrace & Solo Insider. Plus Cheeky Corner Suite – Pretty Big Terrace & Sweet Aft Suite – Pretty Big Terrace.

Deck 9:

Cabin types: XL Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, The Sea Terrace, Solo Sea View & The Insider. Plus Cheeky Corner Suite – Pretty Big Terrace & Sweet Aft Suite – Pretty Big Terrace.

Deck 10:

Cabin types: XL Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, The Sea Terrace, Solo Sea View & The Insider. Plus Cheeky Corner Suite – Even Bigger Terrace & Sweet Aft Suite – Even Bigger Terrace.

Deck 11:

Cabin types: XL Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, The Sea Terrace, The Sea View & The Insider & Solo Insider. Plus Cheeky Corner Suite – Even Bigger Terrace & Sweet Aft Suite – Even Bigger Terrace.

Deck 12:

Cabin types: The Sea View, Solo Sea View, The Sea Terrace, XL Sea Terrace, Seriously Suite, Central Sea Terrace, Solo Insider & The Insider. Plus Cheeky Corner Suite – Biggest Terrace & Sweet Aft Suite – Biggest Terrace.

Deck 13:

Cabin types: XL Sea Terrace, The Sea terrace & Central Sea Terrace, Solo Insider & The Insider. Plus Cheeky Corner Suite – Biggest Terrace & Sweet Aft Suite – Biggest Terrace.

Deck 14:

Cabin types: XL Sea Terrace, The Sea Terrace, Brilliant Suite, Central Sea Terrace & Solo Insider. Plus Cheeky Corner Suite – Biggest Terrace & Sweet Aft Suite – Biggest Terrace.

Deck 15:

Facilities: The Scene (event space), The Tune Up, Aquatic Club (pool & bar), Gym & Tonic (bar), Bike Studio, Balance Studio, The Galley (market style restaurant) & Gunbae (Korean restaurant)

VIP cabins: Massive Suite, Fab Suite, Gorgeous Suite & Posh Suite

Deck 16:

Facilities: Richard’s Rooftop (VIP sundeck & bar), Sun Club (café & bar), Training camp (group fitness), Boxing Ring, The Cabanas, The Athletic Club (sports area & bar) & The Net (catamaran suspended net).

Deck 17:

Facilities: The Runway (jogging track) & The Perch (yoga studio)


Virgin Voyages sail out of Miami in the USA. Home to their first ship, Scarlet Lady, will be based at the brand new Terminal V on the northwest side of Port Miami. Valiant Lady, their second ship is also due to be based here for the winter season.

Caribbean cruise itineraries include:

  • Riviera Maya: (5 nights) Miami-Cozumel-Playa del Carmen-The Beach Club at Bimini-Miami
  • Dominican Daze: (5 nights) Miami-The Beach Club at Bimini-Puerto Plata-Miami
  • Fire & Sunsest Soirées: (4 nights) Miami-Nassau-The Beach Club at Bimini-Miami
  • Mayan Sol: (5 nights) Miami-Costa Maya-The Beach Club at Bimini-Miami
  • Western Caribbean Charm: (6 nights) Miami-Roatan-Costa Maya-The Beach Club at Bimini-Miami
  • Eastern Caribbean Antilles: (8 nights) Miami-Puerto Plata-San Juan-St.Croix-The Beach Club at Bimini-Miami


Two of Virgin Voyages ships will be based in the Mediterranean for the summer season.

The Valiant Lady will be based in Barcelona for the summer season. Twice a year there’s also an opportunity for a 14 night Atlantic crossing. Valiant Lady itineraries include:

  • French Daze & Ibiza Nights: (7 nights) Barcelona-Marseille-Cannes-Olbia-Ibiza-Barcelona
  • Spanish Obsession: (7 nights) Barcelona-Palma de Mallorca-Gibraltar-Málaga-Ibiza-Barcelona
  • The Irresistible Med: (7 nights) Barcelona-Toulon-Marina di Carrara-Ajaccio-Cagliari-Ibiza-Barcelona

The Resilient Lady will be based in Athens for the summer season. Resilient Lady itineraries include Sunday departures:

  • Greek Island Glow: (7 nights) Piraeus-Santorini-Rhodes-Chania-Mykonos-Piraeus
  • Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems: (7 nights) Piraeus-Dubrovnik-Kotor-Corfu-Argostoli-Kefalonia-Piraeus

Virgin Voyages Cruise Offers

Cruises aboard all 3 of Virgin Voyages Ladies are on sale. You can find our current cruise offers on these pages, or contact us for a personal quote:

Scarlet Lady

Valiant Lady

Resilient Lady

How to book Virgin Voyages

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