Disney rash is a thing. Over the years, many people have reported a strange rash on their legs after spending the day at Walt Disney World in Florida.

What is it?

The Disney rash results in red to purple blotches, usually just above your ankles and tending to only affect the lower legs. It generally doesn’t cause pain but it can be itchy and it does look unsightly.

What causes it?

It’s a form of vasculitis, also known as golfer’s rash, that is caused by extensive walking in hot and humid conditions. It’s an irritation of the small blood vessels.

When you visit a Disney park in Florida, it’s almost always hot and humid, and you’re likely to be doing much more walking than you do in every day life.

What can you do about it?

Sadly, not a great deal. The Disney park medical teams suggest a soothing cream, branded “Calogel,” which may help with any itching, but the only real cure is to elevate your legs as much as possible, which often isn’t an option when you have a few days to enjoy the parks.

But do take some cream with you, and get your legs up when you are relaxing in the evenings. You can also try to increase your walking in the lead up to your holiday to get your body used to it.

The good news is that no lasting damage is being done, and the blood vessels will soon recover to normal.