We’d all fly business or first if we had the chance, but the price difference is often too big for private travellers to justify, and when that’s the case, premium economy is an option worth considering. You won’t get flat beds, but you will get better food, free drinks, larger seats and a range of other benefits.

We decided to create the table below to show you what’s offered by the main long haul airlines in their premium economy cabins.


Airline Legroom Seat Width Priority check in Drinks Included Premium Meals Luggage
American Airlines 38″ 19″ Yes Yes Yes 2 X 23KG
British Airways 38″ 18.5″ No Yes Yes 2 X 23KG
Cathay Pacific 38″ 19.5″ No Yes Yes 1 X 35KG
Delta 38″ 19″ Yes Yes Yes 2 X 23KG
Lufthansa 38″ 18″ No Yes Yes 1 X 23KG
Norwegian 46″ 19″ Yes Yes No 2 X 20KG
Qantras 40″ 19.5″ Yes Yes Yes Up to 40KG
Singapore 38″ 19.5″ Yes Yes Yes 1 X 35KG
Virgin Atlantic 38″ 21″ Yes Yes Yes 2 X 23KG

As you can see, the offering in premium economy is pretty standard – you get wider seats than economy, more legroom, additional luggage, free drinks and in meals. All bar Norwegian offer a premium food service with crockery, cutlery and glasses. Norwegian do offer food in premium, but its standard economy airline style.

BA, Cathay and Lufthansa do not offer premium check-in, which is a really valuable addition to the other airlines listed above and makes the whole airport experience so much better.

We’ve specifically reviewed a few of these for you during our own travels:

British Airways Premium Economy

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