So, you’re about to book a trip to the states, and you’re wondering if it’s worth paying all that extra to enjoy business class to the USA – we’re here to help!

For us, we do it whenever we can afford it and if the price is sensible. Sometimes the difference in price is reasonable, and on others it’s astronomical.

But what do you get? We’ve based this on our experience with British Airways, but we’ve noted differences with the other main airlines that fly the UK to USA route for more information. Confusingly, the three main airlines have different names for business class – BA call it Club World, Virgin call it Upper Class, and United call it Polaris.

Pre flight

Virgin offer a chauffeur service to and from the airport, but it’s limited to certain fare classes, so check for details.

You’ll get more luggage allowance than you can imagine ever needing, unless you’re a movie star travelling to be on location for months. We’ve never come close to using the full business class allowance, despite some trips being over a month long.

All the airlines have a dedicated check in area for their business class passengers. They are always well staffed, luxurious and feel a bit special. BA’s takes you off to one side of their main check in area into a walled-off section with carpets and couches. You feel a bit special and you definitely don’t have to walk around once of those horrible taped off walkways!

From check-in you’ll go straight into a fast track part of the security check process – again no queueing!

And finally, there are the lounges. All the airlines include lounge access for their business class clients. If you’ve ever paid to go into an Aspire lounge or something similar, forget it. These airline lounges are a world apart from those – hot and cold food available, free flow Champagne or any other drink you can think of, loads of comfy chairs, fabulous Wifi, and usually with great views of the apron.

When you’re calculating whether to pay for business class to the USA or not, don’t forget to factor in how much you would normally spend in the departure area on food and drink, because you’ll save that, but more importantly, you’ll be starting your trip relaxed, away from the madding crowds.


Business Class passengers are always boarded in the first two groups, so you won’t have to join a long queue, balancing your bags and boarding pass, you’ll be seated, with your belongings stashed, and enjoying a pre flight drink, while most people are still in the terminal.

During the flight

All the airlines now offer fold flat beds in business class to the USA, and they are super comfortable! While they’re ideal for a night flight, so you can get some sleep, they also recline, which means you can just chill and watch TV on a day flight. If you’ve never flown business, you won’t believe how much room you get, how large the screens are, and how comfortable the seats are.

All the airlines give comfy bedding out to business class travellers, amenity kits to freshen up with at the end of your flight, and good quality noise cancelling headphones to enjoy the in flight entertainment. They all use very similar entertainment systems with a large choice of tv shows, movies and music.

The business class section always has a much lower passenger to washroom ratio than economy, and you’ll find them spacious, clean, available and stocked with some nice products.

Virgin offer free wifi, and both United and BA are adding this service in the near future.

You’ll also find a much higher crew / passenger ratio in business, so wherever you are sitting, the service will be fast. You’ll be served excellent quality food, on proper crockery, and you’ll get at least one big meal and a snack on all flights. Drinks, of course, are included, and all the airlines carry a great choice of booze. You’ll also find a snack bar in business class, so if you want a drink or some crisps, you can help yourself.


This is another often forgotten benefit of travelling business – you’ll get off the aircraft first, which, if you’ve ever queued for immigration into the US with several hundred other people in front of you, is a real bonus.

Most airlines also mark business class luggage as “priority” although we’ve found it’s a bit hit and miss if your cases actually come out first.

And finally, instead of arriving at tour destination a crumpled mess, with aching joints and morning breath, you’ll be rested, well fed, relaxed and you will have been able to have a wash and clean your teeth!

Business Class To The USA – The bottom line

Travelling business class to the USA has many benefits you may not have thought of, and we hope we’ve highlighted them all for you. But at the end of the day, the part that’s hard to describe is the “Special” feeling you get by being looked after as though you are an important person. It’s hard to put a price on that, but check it out for your next flight, and if you can afford the premium, give it a go!

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Business Class USA Offers

Business Class to New York from £1499pp

Central Park NYC

Central Park NYC

Departing UK 19 September 2019
Return business class flights from the UK to New York JFK (British Airways)
3 nights 4* The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel (queen bed, metro room, room only)
Depart London Heathrow from £1499pp, Glasgow from £1525pp, or Belfast from £1539pp
Other regional departures also available. Hotel upgrades available.
Based on 2 adults travelling.
(Offer published 12/08/19)

Business Class to Las Vegas from £1285pp

Aerial view of Las Vegas strip

Aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip

Departing UK 30 August 2019
Return direct Business Class flights from London Gatwick to Las Vegas (British Airways)
4 nights 5* Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino (double resort king room, room only)
Other regional departures also available. Hotel upgrades available.
Based on 2 adults travelling.
(Offer published 12/08/19)

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