Just a quick tip I’d thought I’d share with you. We regularly use airport lounges around the world, but that’s not because we travel business or first class – I wish we could afford to! It’s because we have something called Priority Pass.

We have a simple rule – if the airport departure area is really busy and / or we have more than two hours to departure, we use a lounge. They are always an oasis peace, good Wifi and free food and drink. In fact, we’ve sometimes spent more on food in the departure area than we would have spent going into a lounge where we could have eaten for free!

Some airport lounges are accessible if you just pay, but all the good ones tend to be restricted to Silver or Gold frequent flyer members, or Priority Pass members, which is why we joined them.

They issue a plastic and a digital card, and you can simply display it to get into the lounge of your choice at almost every airport around the world. There are two levels you can join at – one gives up to two people free entry to the lounges, and the other means you pay a fee each time you visit. But as I said before, that fee is less than you’d pay for a meal for two at a typical airport café.

The phone app is excellent as well – you can quickly search for a lounge anywhere and get details of what’s there and directions to the lounge. For example, we were heading from Portugal to London recently, and our flight was delayed. We used the app to find the lounge and chilled for a couple of hours sipping G and T’s, working on our laptops and eating tapas!

We highly recommend it if you travel a few times a year.