It’s hardly been worth storing the suitcases away as we are heading to Crete this week for our travel conference. Our first trip to Crete was on our spring conference 2 years ago, this time we’re looking forward to meeting up with colleagues, plus we’ve added a couple of days on to explore the island for ourselves.

On our last visit we flew into Heraklion and stayed at Capsis Crystal Energy by the village of Agia Pelagia. This time we are flying into Chaniá and staying at the 5* Porto Platanias Beach Resort & Spa, so we will have a chance to explore the north east of the island.

We looked at flying from Lanzarote to Crete, but it suited us and our existing work commitments to fly via Madrid to London before meeting some of our travel agents to fly out to Chaniá on Saturday.

If this travel conference is anything like the previous ones, it will be a full on itinerary for Sunday and Monday, with the majority of our colleagues flying back to UK on Tuesday.

We have extended our stay and hired a car so we can get out and explore Crete for ourselves for 2 more days before heading home again. Mike has completed the research for a shortlist of places we should visit, which is sure to include some local gastronomy and points of interest to explore.

Porto Platanias Beach Spa
Having seen the spa facility at the hotel, I hope there is time to chill out here too 🙂

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands, this year tourism is expected to reach a milestone of 4 million visitors within the season April to October 2017. It’s 260 km in length and 12-60 km wide so I doubt we will cover it in 2 days.

Personally I’m looking forward to visiting Chaniá, it has a beautiful Venetian harbour in the old town and lots of history, the area was occupied by the Germans in WWII.

It’s early in the season so weather wise we’re expecting a high of 25 and low of 15 degrees.

Co-incidentally two friends who also live in the Canary Islands are staying in Crete during our visit and we’ve promised to try and meet for a catch up.

As with all of our travels, we’ll be publishing more information about our trip, including the hotels, our travels and the local gastronomy.