All Thomas Cook group companies ceased trading on 23rd September 2019, after the group went into liquidation following a failure to secure funding for the next few months.

All their aircraft were grounded overnight.

Here’s information for Thomas Cook clients.

If you are on holiday on a Thomas Cook package or flight

The CAA has announced a repatriation plan for Thomas Cook clients currently on holiday. They are aiming to return people as close as possible to their original date, for 2 weeks.

They have set up a website where you can get details by destination: Repatriation flights make sure you also give them your booking & contact details.

The CAA is funding these flights through the ATOL scheme. If you have flight only booked, it is unlikely to be covered by ATOL. However, based on experience with Monarch two years ago, you may be able to get onto a repatriation flight.

If you have a future booking for a Thomas Cook holiday

If you have a future booking with Thomas Cook, it has already been cancelled.

If it is an ATOL protected package, you will be able to get a refund of any money you’ve paid. Details of how to claim your refund are here: CAA Thomas Cook.

Based on our experience with Monarch, your refund could take up to three months to come through.

If you have a future booking for flight only with Thomas Cook Airlines

You are not covered by the ATOL scheme, so you cannot claim a refund from the CAA. You should contact your credit card issuer or bank to see if you can claim a refund with them. It’s also worth checking your travel insurance to see if it covers tour operator failure.

If you are not sure of your situation, check your ATOL Certificate

If your ATOL certificate states you are protected by Thomas Cook, then unfortunately your holiday is cancelled, and you should apply for a refund from the CAA when available.

If your ATOL certificate states you are protected by the travel agency you booked through, and you haven’t already been contacted. You need to get in touch with them to understand if they will be rebooking your flights with an alternative airline, or if your holiday is cancelled and will be refunded by that agency.

Are you in resort on a Thomas Cook ATOL package and being asked to pay your hotel bill?

The CAA advice is that they will seek to guarantee your stay directly with your original hotel, or relocate you to an alternative for the duration of your stay. Do not pay your hotel, unless advised to do so by the CAA. You should contact their call centre on +44 1753 330 330.

Have you booked excursions with Thomas Cook?

Please check direct with the companies concerned if your holiday excursion was booked through Thomas Cook. It’s likely that it hasn’t been paid for and will be cancelled, or refused entry.

Camel Travel Clients

We have already been in touch with all our clients booked either with a Thomas Cook holiday, or a holiday package including Thomas Cook flights. We are working to secure them new accommodation and flights.

If you didn’t book your Thomas Cook holiday with us, we’re very happy to help you in any way we can, with general advice, and / or to book a replacement holiday.