The currency in Morocco is the Dirham. At the time of writing 100 Dirham is worth about €10. Notes are available in 200, 100, 50 and 20 Dirhams.

What’s unusual about the Dirham is that it’s a “closed” currency, so you can’t just pop into your local travel agency or bank and change money for a trip to Morocco. You can only buy and sell Dirhams in country.

On arrival at any of the airports in Morocco, you will see an official exchange window. Tell them how much you want to change and from which currency, and they will give you a rate. This is not negotiable. Once the exchange is made, you will be given a receipt and it’s important that you keep it, as it will be required when you want to change any money back.

Note that Scottish, Northern Irish and Gibraltarian Sterling notes are not recognised, so bring normal bank of England Sterling.

There are plenty of ATMS in Morocco in larger cities and towns, and credit and debit cards are accepted at major hotels and larger restaurants.