The Canary Islands currently have 878 cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 as of the 27th March 2020.

By island, the cases are situated:

586 Tenerife
197 Gran Canaria
24 Fuerteventura
39 La Palma
23 Lanzarote
6 La Gomera
3 El Hierro
0 La Graciosa

There are 328 people who currently require hospitalisation, and 61 are in ICU. The islands have had 27 deaths as a result of COVID-19, and 181 health staff infected.

La Gomera (3 cases)

A German tourist in La Gomera, was the first case of Coronavirus diagnosed in Spain. The person concerned arrived in La Gomera on the 28th January 2020. They made themselves known to authorities after discovering two people they had been in close contact with, had subsequently been diagnosed with Coronavirus. The patient was quarantined at the Hospital Virgen de Guadalupe en La Gomera, along with 5 of their 6 companions who were showing signs of a fever. The diagnosed patient continued without presenting any symptoms. All of them remained in quarantine until they tested negative after the incubation period. No new cases of Coronavirus have materialised since on this island.

Update 26/2: A second case of Coronavirus has been confirmed in La Gomera. The woman who a resident in Valle Gran Rey has tested positive on the 26th February 2020. The lady had visited Italy from the 4-8th February 2020 and has been isolated at the Hospital General de San Sebastián.

Tenerife (192 cases)

The second incident is an Italian tourist in Tenerife, who had a positive case of Coronavirus confirmed on Monday 24th February 2020. They have been quarantined at the Hospital Universitario Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria and the Coronavirus protocol activated in Tenerife. The Italian visitor is a doctor from Lombardy, who requested the test after developing a fever. This is the 3rd case to be diagnosed within Spain.

The H10 Costa Adeje Palace in Tenerife has subsequently been closed.  Existing guests are confined to the hotel,  they were advised to remain isolated in their hotel rooms.

Update 26/2: The doctor’s wife and two other Italians travelling with them, have subsequently been diagnosed with Coronavirus. Approximately 100 guests may be allowed to check out from the hotel today, as they arrived on Monday and hadn’t come into contact with the infected Italians.

Around 100 Jet2holiday customers are to remain in the hotel until any potential incubation period, as defined by the World Health Organisation, has passed which is the 10th March 10th 2020.

Update 5/3: Two more cases of Coronavirus at the hotel have been confirmed on the 3rd and 6th March. The number of guests remaining has been reduced down to 443. They are allowed to leave quarantine after completing two clear test results.

Update 7/3: There are 5 more cases in Tenerife. 1 Italian resident in La Laguna who travelled recently to Italy and 3 others, who had been in close contact. These are all being isolated at home. Plus 1 resident in Santa Cruz de Tenerife who travelled recently to Italy and is in quarantine at home.

Update 10/3: Quarantine at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace has ceased as of midnight. A new case in Tenerife has tested positive.

Update 12/3: The number of cases in Tenerife has increased to 31, we don’t have any specific details of the additional people affected at the moment.

Gran Canaria (70 cases)

An Italian tourist staying in Aringa has tested positive for Coronavirus in Gran Canaria on the 5th March. The 61 year old woman was visiting her son, accompanied by 3 friends. All 4 are now in quarantine.

Update 9/3: The original lady is seriously poorly and intubated, whilst 2 others have been released. Two Dutch tourists have tested positive in Gran Canaria. They have been isolated and are in good health.

Update 12/3: The number of cases has increased from 7 to 12 in Gran Canaria.

Fuerteventura (12 case)

A resident of Fuerteventura who recently travelled to Italy, has tested positive for Coronavirus and been isolated at home on the 7th March.

La Palma (7 cases)

As of the 12th March 2020, there are 2 confirmed cases of Covid-19, no further details are known if these are residents or tourists at this stage.

Lanzarote (3 cases)

A child suspected of having Coronavirus after recently returning from Italy, has tested negative. Hospital Doctor Molina Orosa in Arrecife activated the standard protocol at 22:00 on 26th February 2020. As of the 5th March, 4 suspected cases have been tested in Lanzarote, all have proved negative.

Update 12/3: Two Spanish citizens have tested positive for Covid-19 in Lanzarote. It is believed that they were staying at the H10 White Suites hotel in Playa Blanca and have now been isolated on a quarantine ward.

Canarian Government

The Canarian government have announced (3rd March 2020) that if or when any further outbreaks occur, they will NOT lockdown any hotels, but will move the patients elsewhere for their quarantine period. This decision is good news for those worrying about getting stuck for an extended stay on holiday in the Canary Islands.

Schools have closed for 2 weeks across the Canary Islands from the 13th March 2020. Events attracting 1,000 plus people have been suspended, these include carnival, football matches & other sporting events, plus the Teguise Sunday Market in Lanzarote.

Spanish Government

The Spanish Government have closed ports in Spain to cruise ships from the 13th to the 27th March.

A State of Alarm for 15 days from the 14th March 2020 has been declared by the Spanish Government.


The Consejería de Sanidad have activated a freephone number 900 112 061. Calls will be answered by a nursing team who are on hand to advise residents with any concerns and how to deal with suspected cases of Coronavirus.

Official Advice

The definitive place for official travel advice for British Citizens travelling to Spain can be found here Unless the UK Government declare that travel to the Canary Islands of Spain is not advised, standard terms & conditions will apply on your existing travel arrangements.

The UK Government advice:

ABTA advice:

We will keep this page updated with any Coronavirus (CoVid-19) updates.

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