The Canary Islands have accumulated 3120 cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 as of the 13th August 2020.

The Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government have produced a public website to display the data of residents diagnosed with Covid-19, helping to understand the impact of the pandemic on the Archipelago. These are the headline figures per island as to the number of accumulated positive cases, number of deaths and current active cases (updated 13/08/20).


Accumulated Positive Cases


Active Cases





Gran Canaria












La Palma




La Gomera




El Hierro








Data can be manipulated to drill down into each island and municipality to view the respective Covid-19 figures. You can access the information here: Desktop version & mobile version.

Softening the lockdown

At the end of April 2020 the Spanish Government released their four phased plan of de confinement, to relax the lockdown conditions and reach the new normal in Spain.

Phase Zero: Residents allowed some fresh air once a day with restrictions to the times and distance from home.

Phase One: From 11th May 2020 for provinces that meet the requirements. Small retail premises, bars & restaurants, outdoor markets and hotels can open with reduced capacity and social distancing rules.

Phase Two: From 25th May 2020 for provinces that meet the requirements. Restaurants can offer inside tables, shopping centres can open and small cultural events can take place.

Phase Three: From 22nd June 2020 if the provinces have transitioned the previous phases, travel will be allowed within Spain for residents and restaurants can open to 50% capacity.

The Spanish state of alarm ended at midnight on Saturday 20th June 2020.

Canarian Government

The Canarian government have announced (3rd March 2020) that if or when any further outbreaks occur, they will NOT lockdown any hotels, but will move the patients elsewhere for their quarantine period. This decision is good news for those worrying about getting stuck for an extended stay on holiday in the Canary Islands.

Schools have closed across the Canary Islands from the 13th March 2020. Events attracting 1,000 plus people have been suspended, these include carnival, football matches & other sporting events, plus the Teguise Sunday Market in Lanzarote.

On the 14th June 2020 the President of The Canary Islands, Angel Victor Torres confirmed that the Canaries will start the new normality on the 22nd June 2020.

The Canary Islands started the new normality on Sunday 21st June 2020.

The Canarian Government have agreed a 12 month insurance policy with AXA to cover visitors affected by Covid-19 during their stay in the Canary Islands. The agreement announced on the 5th August 2020 covers medical expenses, extension of stay for quarantine and health repatriation.

The Lanzarote Government have produced this website to record that island’s Covid figures.

On the 10th August 2020 the Radar Covid track and trace App was launched in the Canary Islands. This App can be dowloaded free and is 100% anonymous. It will record your locations and notify you if you have been close to anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19 within the last 14 days.
Android –
iPhone –

An update as to the wearing of masks was brought into force on Friday 14th August 2020, following a surge in cases. In general from 6 years upwards you are required to wear a mask when outside in populated areas. For visitors this means within a holiday resort you wear masks whilst walking around, however when swimming and sunbathing at the beach or pool, they can be removed. Smoking on bar & restaurant terraces is prohibited, you can smoke in the street if 2m social distancing is possible. Restaurants are limited to tables of 10 people as a maximum. Previously, masks were only required in indoor public spaces and transport or where a distance of 1.5m was not possible.

Spanish Government

The Spanish Government have closed ports in Spain to cruise ships from the 13th March 2020.

A State of Alarm for 15 days from the 14th March 2020 has been declared by the Spanish Government. This has subsequently been extended to the 21st June 2020.

From the 15th May 2020 anyone entering Spain from abroad is required to spend 14 days quarantine in self isolation. This will last until the state of alarm finishes.

14 Day Quarantine For Arrivals Into Spain. A new order has been published, which comes into effect from this Friday 15th May and will last until the state of alarm finishes. Anyone entering Spain from abroad is required to spend 14 days in self isolation. Until now this has been a recommendation, but is now law. The only people currently allowed to travel into Spain from abroad are Spanish citizens and residents, diplomats and cross border workers.

On the 23rd May 2020, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced in a television broadcast that international tourism will commence across Spain in July 2020 – “saving the summer season.”

On the 14th June 2020, the Spanish Government announced that borders between countries in the Schengen zone will open on the 22nd June 2020, other than Portugal which will be later on the 1st July 2020.

The state of alarm ended at midnight on the 20th June 2020. Spain has entered their new normal and confirmed conditions for international visitors. EU countries can travel to Spain from the 21st June 2020. That includes the UK currently, but there is an exception – Portugal. Non EU countries will be able to travel to Spain from the 1st July.

There are three rules for all international’s arrivals:

  1. They must complete a form with their recent medical history and contact details while in Spain.
  2. They will be temperature checked.
  3. They will have a brief assessment by medical staff at the airport.

Anyone failing on any of those three criteria will be taken to an isolation area to be tested for Covid 19. If clear, they will continue on their way. If positive, they will be taken into isolation accommodation.

From the 1st July 2020 arrivals from outside Spain will have to complete the FCS health form in advance.

UK Government

The UK Government currently have the following status for foreign travel advice:

“COVID-19 Exceptional Travel Advisory Notice
The Foreign & Commonwealth Office currently advises British nationals against all but essential international travel.”

From the 8th June 2020 the UK Government have introduced a 14 day quarantine period for people arriving in the UK to self isolate.

From the 4th July 2020 Spain is exempt from the FCO advice against all non-essential international travel.

From the 10th July 2020 you will not have to self-isolate if you have been to Spain for the previous 14 days.

From the 14th July 2020 you will have to complete an entry form within 48 hours of travel to the UK even if travelling from a country that doesn’t require self isolation for 14 days.

From the 26th July 2020 the FCO advise against all non-essential travel to mainland Spain based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks. Only the Canary Islands (Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa) and Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera) are exempt from the FCO advice against all non-essential international travel. If you are returning from Spain (including from the Balearics and Canaries) on or after 26 July you will be required to quarantine on your return to the UK.

From the 27th July 2020 the FCO advise against all non-essential travel to Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands, based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks in the country. The FCO is not advising those already travelling in Spain to leave at this time. If you are returning from Spain you will be required to self-isolate on your return to the UK, but the FCO is not advising you to cut short your visit.


The Consejería de Sanidad have activated a freephone number 900 112 061. Calls will be answered by a nursing team who are on hand to advise residents with any concerns and how to deal with suspected cases of Coronavirus.

Official Advice

The definitive place for official travel advice for British Citizens travelling to Spain can be found here Unless the UK Government declare that travel to the Canary Islands of Spain is not advised, standard terms & conditions will apply on your existing travel arrangements.

The UK Government advice:

ABTA advice:

We will keep this page updated with Coronavirus (Covid-19) updates.