Agüimes is a beautiful traditional example of a municipal town in the Canary Islands, and only a short drive from Gran Canaria’s airport.

The parish church of San Sebastian is an obvious landmark to aim for when approaching the town of Agüimes, the historic centre was clearly signposted and we found a parking space easily.

The Parroquial de San Sebastían was built in three phases, the first of which started in 1796 and the third ended in 1940. Gothic, Neo-Classical and Baroque styles can be found within the parrish church which was declared a National Historic Artistic Monument in 1981.

The church is open to visitors on weekday mornings from 09:00 to 13:00.

The Plaza del Rosario is directly in front of the church. This shaded square is the centrepiece of the historic town, surrounded by beautifully decorated bars and restaurants offering tipical and traditional fayre.

We spent an hour wandering these old streets, each delighting with a stunning old building or yet another bronze statue hidden around the corner.

The bronze donkey is a tribute to the local farmer’s who would load up their beast of burden and travel up from the fertile barrancos to the town to sell their produce.
In summary, La Villa de Agüimes is a fascinating place, it was our first glimpse that there was much more to the island of Gran Canaria than the tacky tourist resorts to be found in the south of the island.