We recently flew from Bristol Airport to The Canaries, so naturally, we checked out the services available for our readers.

Silver Parking Bristol Airport

As we pulled up to the barrier to the entrance of the Silver parking numerous cameras took photographs of our pre booked vehicle and the barrier swiftly opened to allow us into the car park.  We quickly found a space, made a mental note of the number of it and walked the short distance to the reception.

The main reception looked very new, it was clean and the short admin process was slick.  A member of staff on the main desk asked for our booking reference number, took our car key and gave us a receipt to present to them upon our return.

The reception area has toilets, departure boards, a coffee machine and vending machines.  We took a seat whilst we waited less than 5 minutes for the shuttle bus to take us to the main airport.  It was a cold and wet day so we were thankful not to walk to the airport and the journey took around 6 – 7 minutes.

Overall it was a fantastic experience, great service and value for money.

The Aspire Lounge Bristol Airport

The Aspire Lounge at Bristol Airport is tucked away on the mezzanine floor in departures. As we entered the double glass doors we were greeted by a friendly member of staff who checked our boarding passes, checked our booking and explained that we could help ourselves to anything with exception of alcohol – which would be served to us at the bar.

The Lounge is quiet, with really nice purple lighting and it provides a mixture of stools, tables, comfy areas and booths.

We arrived at the Lounge 4 hours before our flight and even though our booking clearly stated that we could only use the lounge for 3 hours the lady on reception told us that we could stay for longer if they did not become too busy and in this situation they would ask us to vacate after our pre booked 3 hour slot.

On the day, Bristol Airport was busy, so we were glad we chose to use the lounge.

We found a booth tucked away at the back of the lounge and we were able to charge our laptops and mobiles and there were also USB charging points available.  The wifi was excellent, although the speed dropped slightly as the Lounge became busier over the lunch period.

We arrived to breakfast at 08:30 and the hot food selection was small, we were able to help ourselves to bacon, some pretty tasty sausages and scrambled eggs.  All of the items tasted good but they were not particularly hot so do eat up quickly!   There was also a selection of pastries, yogurts, oats and fruit in a fridge section of the bar.

The drink selection was great, it included premium bottled beers, spirits, wine, soft drinks and hot drinks. The lager on draft is Heineken and was served to us in half pint glasses.   Champagne, cocktails and prosecco were available to purchase.

Breakfast was swiftly replaced with lunch at 11:00 and we both felt this provided a much better offering in comparison to the breakfast.  A very nice leek and potato soup was brought out, along with a tasty chickpea & coriander curry. A Carbonara was also available but we didn’t try this as it didn’t look too appealing, sadly the pasta looked rather dry and the bacon bits were almost non existent. The refrigerated part of the bar offered a choice of salads, cheeses and sliced meats.

The vibe and atmosphere of the Aspire Lounge is very relaxed and we saw a real mixture of customers, from other couples, to families and a group of young guys.

The toilets were very clean and spacious and the staff were friendly and engaging.

We paid £20.99 and we would definitely return.  The adults only AspirePlus Lounge is £29.99 pp.

We’d recommend both the parking and the lounge if you find yourself flying from Bristol Airport.

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