One of the things we do as a matter of course for our clients is to check “off the wall” ideas to see if we can find them a better price for their chosen holiday.

For example, travelling to Las Vegas is sometimes cheaper if you route via Seattle. It’s counter intuitive, as it involves two flights, but if you want to travel on 6th October, doing just that would save you the best part of £500!

We also get to hear about offers on regional departures and we use that for our client’s benefit. For a recent booking to Hong Kong, it was substantially cheaper for them to start their journey in Glasgow, use the BA shuttle to Heathrow and then fly on to HK when compared to simply generic accutane flying from Heathrow. We knew about it because BA were doing a promotion on their regional departures, and in that case, it was cheaper to fly up to Glasgow and spend a night in a hotel to get the offer price.

As an individual, it’s almost impossible to explore all the options, but as an agent, it’s what we do every day and we’re kept informed by the industry.

That’s why we boast that we can book the trip you want, anywhere in the world, and save you money! But the hidden saving for you is also time. You could spend hours checking every option yourself, or you can get in touch with us and let us do the work while you get on with something more worthwhile!

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