So you’re ready to book a holiday. You know where you want to go, but you’re not sure which hotel will be the best one for you.

It’s time to do some research:

Should you start with the flights or the accommodation?

Can you fly from your local airport, or will it be cheaper to fly from another one, not too far away?

How much is airport parking going to cost me?

Will the flights be cheaper if you move your date by a few days?

Are suitcases included or will you have to pay extra? How much are they?

How much are airport transfers going to cost? Will you have to wait ages while other people are dropped off?

Should you hire a car? How much will that cost?

Which hotels in that resort get good reviews?

How much are they going to cost?

How much are the better rooms?

Is half board or all inclusive a better deal at some of them?

Now you’ve done all that work:

Can you get a better deal with a tour operator by buying it as a package?

Which tour operators offer flights from your airport staying at that hotel?

How much deposit will you need to pay with the various options?

When will my balance be due?

Will I be protected if the ash cloud comes back, or something else goes wrong?


Now even if you’re a pretty hard core internet user, that little lot will take you the best part of two hours, and I guarantee you will have a pad full of illegible notes at the end of it, and you won’t be able to remember if the superior free room deal was on abc website or xyz website, or how much the deposit worked out on the deal with flights from your airport.

How much is two hours of your time worth?

There’s a better way!

Call us now on 0800 810 8404, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll do all the above for you, while you have a cup of tea or coffee, get on with some work, do your shopping or walk the dog.

We’ll get back to you with the best deal, for you. One price, all the deposit details, all the hidden “extras” priced in so there are no surprises. 

It has to make sense, doesn’t it?

If you prefer to use a form:

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