We love the freshness of seafood in Madrid as the best quality fish is flown in daily from the coast, Mike fancied some fish for lunch and we discovered the most marvellous place in Chueca.

Marisquería Ribeira do Miño can be found on the side street C/ Santa Brígida, we pushed open the restaurant door and a delicious waft of seafood greeted us, along with a warm welcome from one of the chefs. We walked along the length of the bar, through the middle of the kitchens to a choice of two dining rooms at the back of the restaurant.

Restaurante Marisquería Ribeira do Miño
Restaurante Marisquería Ribeira do Miño

We ordered the house special of mariscada para dos with a ración of pimientos de padrón and a bottle of white wine. Looking around the room this seemed to have been a good decision, as almost every other diner was tucking into the same combination. A huge plate of padrón peppers were delivered to our table, along with our bottle of cold white wine, then the most humongous platter of crustaceans arrived.


The top of our seafood platter was covered in king prawns, which were beautifully cooked and chilled, once this layer was devoured, we found vibrant red shrimps and cray fish waiting below. Digging deeper we discovered goose barnacles / percebes which was a new experience for us, these may look like prehistoric ugly fingers, but tasted sweet with a salty brine. Now the fun started as we grasped our seafood crackers and dived into the array of crab claws, Mike took delight in dressing his own crab, by mixing the white and dark meat with the lemon mayonnaise and scooping the mixture up with a hunk of fresh bread.

We tried, but were stuffed and defeated, it was that big, we couldn’t finish the platter! The mariscada is incredible value at €38 (€19 per person).

The Ribeira do Miño can seat 200 people, as we were leaving there were just 2 tables left available in the whole restaurant and this was just a weekday lunchtime. Best to book or get there early if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Website: http://www.marisqueriaribeiradomino.com

Tel: 915 219 854