We were drawn to the O Mylos tou Kerata by the garden terrace overlooking the road passing through Plantanias. It is said to be one of the oldest restaurants in Crete and it’s in a spectacular setting.

O Mylos tou Kerata Exterior

The terrace is shaded by fruit trees laden heavy with oranges and lemons, as well as vines. I liked the hanging picture frames in the trees, drawing attention to the natural art growing there.

O Mylos tou Kerata Art

At the back there is a Venetian watermill dating back to the 14th century, with tables set out by the running water. It’s a lovely place to have a wander around, and we were encouraged to be nosey!

O Mylos tou Kerata Venetian Watermill

We initially stopped to have a drink and enjoy the sunset, but it was such a great place, that we later asked for the menu.

O Mylos tou Kerata_vino

Both of us chose dishes from the recommended section of the menu. Mike ordered the Kebab, which is handmade from minced beef, pork and lamb served with pita bread, yoghurt, chips, tomato, onion and sprinkled with paprika.

O Mylos tou Kerata Gyros

I ordered the Pork Stifado, which is a stew made with chunks of pork cooked in a casserole with baby onions, cloves, cinnamon, orange peel, garlic and tomatoes. The meat was very tender, just on the point of falling and deliciously spiced, served with chips.

O Mylos tou Kerata Pork Stifado

I love the custom of bringing a gift of a dessert at the end of a meal, and this was one a cracker. Our waiter explained that citrus fruit is soaked in water and honey to remove the bitterness and soften. Small cubes of the fruit were sprinkled over a creamy Greek yoghurt and drizzled with some of the liquid, it was exquisite!

O Mylos tou Kerata Dessert

We spent a very pleasant evening, and thought the meal with a couple of drinks was good value given the setting at €40 including a tip.