This takes effect from 15th January 2018. From that date all Ryanair flights will be operated using this new hand luggage policy.

From this date, passengers will still be able to bring two pieces of luggage aboard the aircraft.

If you have Priority Boarding

If you have paid for Priority, you will be allowed to take two pieces of luggage with you. One can be a wheelie type bag up to 55X40X20 CM in size and weighing no more than 10KG, and must be placed in the overhead locker. The other must be no more than 35X20X20 CM and must fit under the seat in front of you.

If you do not have Priority Boarding

If you don’t have Priority, you can bring both bags to the gate, with the dimensions and weights as above. The larger wheelie bag will be taken from you at the gate and placed into the aircraft’s hold. You will be able to collect it from the carousel at the arrival airport. The small bag must be placed under the seat in front of you.

How do I get Priority boarding?

Priority boarding costs £5 per passenger, per flight, or £6 when booked after you book the flight. You can either select it at the time you make your booking, or add it afterwards in “Manage my booking.” Note that if you have already printed your boarding passes, you’ll want to do so again if you have purchased it. Just visit the Ryanair website or the Ryanair app to add it this to your flight reservation.

As well as the hand luggage benefits, Priority also means you will be amongst the first group to board the aircraft.

Easyjet also changed their policy recently, and you can read the details here: Easyjet luggage.