A new accommodation tax comes into effect in Greece with effect from 1st January 2018.

The new tax has been enacted by the Greek government as part of their austerity measures. Visitors to Greece and the islands will be required to pay the tax at their accommodation on arrival.

The tax ranges from 50 cents to €4 per night as follows:

  • Apartments – 50 cents per night
  • 1 and 2 star hotels – 50 cents per night
  • 3 star hotels – €1.50 per night
  • 4 star hotels – €3 per night
  • 5 star hotels – €4 per night

The amounts are based on the official rating of the establishment.

Tourist taxes cannot be included in the holiday prices quoted by tour operators and travel agents and must be paid locally and in local currency.

Many countries around the world charge these taxes – for example you’ll pay extra in Austria, The Balearic Islands, Switzerland and The United States.

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