We were walking back to our hotel at North Point, through Wanchai and Causeway Bay and we were looking for somewhere to enjoy our evening meal.

We paused to check the menu out at Korea Restaurant and Jackie leaped up from the chair he was sitting on outside, and proceeded to persuade us to go in and try a traditional Korean barbecue.

Never having eaten Korean style food before, we didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out to be something really different, and a meal we really enjoyed.

At each table, you have your own small barbecue in the centre. It’s a clever design, with built in extraction, so the place doesn’t fill with smoke!

We opted for the set BBQ menu for two people, which was priced at a very reasonable HK$338. As a first course, we were given some noodle soup and pan fried fish in egg batter, which I enjoyed, but Julie didn’t.

The main course cheap propecia online canada then arrived – small sardines, cuttle fish, spicy pork, sliced beef and chicken pieces, served with fragrant rice. You’re able to book everything to your liking on the barbecue, then serve it to your plate, and dip in soy sauce. The sardines proved difficult – they seemed to fall apart on the barbecue, but the meat cooked beautifully, and had been marinated well, so it was full of flavour.

Jackie was a brilliant host – his English is impeccable, and his service was full of humour and laughs. He told us the restaurant had been there for ten years and was full most nights – indeed, although it was quiet when we arrived, it was busy with large tables by the time we left, very full!

One we’d recommend – Causeway Bay is a fantastic shopping area, so once you’ve exhausted the shops, call in to Korea Restaurant to fuel up. They are at 13-17 Lauli Street.