More and more people are choosing to enjoy their wedding in the sun. The benefits of getting married abroad are obvious – the locations are special, the weather guaranteed, and you get to start your honeymoon moments after saying “I do!”

But where can you get married and what are the requirements? Let’s have a look at some of the options:


Minimum age is 18 years and the couple being married must have been in Antigua for one full weekday before the ceremony.

You can get married at Curtain Bluff or South Point on the island, and in both cases, the wedding packages include transfers to St John to collect the licence from the department of legal affairs.


All that is required here is a legal document, signed by a solicitor to confirm that you are legally of single status.

Many hotels offer fabulous wedding venues on the island and it’s beaches. Transfers to the town hall to collect the paperwork, as are the services of a minister to conduct the ceremony.


It’s a little more complex to get legally married in Italy, but as long as you follow the process, you’ll be fine. First you need a “certificate of no impediment” signed by your own town hall within 6 months (3 months if you live in Scotland) of your intended date of marriage. You then need a bilingual declaration before a solicitor or notary in the UK.

There are some stunning venues in Italy, ranging from The Amalfi coast to Lake Garda and even Venice.


For Barbados you need you simply need all your passports and dates of birth, with degrees of divorce if applicable and proof you have a return flight off the island.

All of the larger hotels offer wedding packages and we’ve heard the weddings at Sugar Bay are really special.


The paperwork required is the same as for Barbados, but additionally, you need to pay a $330 fee via banker’s draft, which you’ll need to bring with you.

Cambridge Beaches offer the best packages here, which include a full wedding co-ordinator service as well as luxury petal turn down and breakfast in bed the day after.


This is the classic wedding venue, and you’ll need all the usual documents, but in this case they need to be apostilled first by the British and Commonwealth office.

Once again, many of the hotels on Santorini offer fully inclusive wedding packages, but you can also get married at Santo winery!

What next?

In every case, you can relax. Book with us and we’ll make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and we’ll put you in direct contact with a wedding co-ordinator on the ground at your destination. We can arrange your whole trip and we always add little extras, free of charge, for our wedding and honeymoon clients. We also make it easy for your guests, but organising their own trips to enjoy your special day, putting them into accommodation that suits their own needs and budgets.

Get in touch with us now and we’ll show you what we can do.

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