The boys were excited about visiting the brand new Ferrari Land during our trip to Barcelona, which opened on the 7th April 2017.

Ferrari Land is the newest of the three theme parks at PortAventura in Salou and a €100 million euro investment, the water park Caribe Aquatic was the second development which opened in 2000.

At the moment you can’t pay a single entry to visit Ferrari Land, it is combined with PortAventura on 1-3 day tickets, plus the water park for 3-4 day tickets.

Ferrari Land Spain Map

We visited for the afternoon, on our first day in Salou, the park was very quiet, not that we were complaining as there was no waiting times on any of the rides. The only disappointment was the racing car simulators were already fully booked for the day.

You can’t help but watch the Red Force ride when it is launched. Standing at a height of 112m it’s visible from around the park and this is currently the largest vertical accelerator in Europe. There’s a whoosh as the riders are catapulted from 0-180km/h, pulling 4.8g as the roller coaster climbs vertically to the top, for a brief pause before hurtling down to the bottom, with a cheeky bump before arriving back at the loading bay. Friends and family not participating can sit in the grandstand opposite to watch the ride.

Red Force is an epic ride, we just had to experience it, but only Charlie was mad enough to go straight round and do it all again for a second time!

As you’d imagine the glossy racing red Ferrari brand is key within the park, but there’s also a real Italian feel too with a replica of the Colisseum from Rome, St Mark’s Basilica in Venice and facades of buildings found in Maranello.

Ferrari Land Spain Maranello Grand Race

There is something for all the family at Ferrari Land, it’s not just high adrenalin rides and racing cars. The one attraction we all enjoyed together as a family was Flying Dreams, we watched a hologram of Enzo Ferrari talking about the brand, and then took our seats in the 6-D theatre for a journey with special effects, where we could smell the pine trees, feel the wind and a mist in the clouds. It wasn’t obvious there was a second simulator in this location, had we realised we would have gone on the Racing Legends one too.

Race Simulators Ferrari Land Spain

We also had a race around the Maranello circuit, there’s no adrenalin involved in this ride, just skill to keep the Ferrari GTs and Spiders on the fixed 550m track.

The Thrill Towers were fun, with a choice of Free Fall Tower or Bounce Back Tower. It’s a good way to get a bird’s eye view of the theme park.

Red Force Ferrari Land Barcelona

With no queues, there was enough to entertain us for the afternoon, although you’d be hard pushed to spend a day here, it definitely is an add on attraction for PortAventura.