There’s lots of speculation about when and where face masks are required to be worn when visiting the Canary Islands for a holiday.

Update 26/06/21. Spain removed the requirement to wear face masks when outside, unless social distancing of 1.5m can’t be maintained.

Spain have made the use of face masks obligatory in both indoor and outdoor public spaces, even when social distancing of 1.5 metres is observed.

The situation is that once you leave your accommodation hotel room, apartment or villa you are required to wear a mask. This regulation applies to anyone from the age of 6 years old.


Masks have to be worn whilst shopping. You should also gel your hands on entry to each shop, which is normally provided by the establishment. Some further restrictions can be imposed depending on the retail shop, for example supermarkets may issue gloves to be worn, or trying on clothes may be prohibited.


Masks must be worn in indoor public spaces at all times, unless eating or drinking. In practice, for the inside space in bars and restaurants, this means you should wear a mask when entering, leaving or visiting the rest rooms, but once sitting down with food or drink on the table, you may remove them. Tables will be socially distanced, and a maximum group of ten are allowed at the table.

Public transport

Masks must be worn at all times in taxis, buses, ferries & planes etc.


You are required to wear a mask outdoors. This includes along the seafront promenades and streets, even if you can socially distance and there is no one else around.

Queues & crowds

You must maintain at least 1.5 metres from other people. Please be aware of your personal space.


Smokers must keep 2 metres apart and only smoke in designated areas. You cannot smoke when walking in the street or sat at your table in a bar / restaurant.


If you have a hire car you do not need to wear a mask when travelling with someone from the same household. All occupants of the vehicle must wear one if travelling with someone that doesn’t live with you. It is normal to have police check points, this isn’t new for the current situation. You should be carrying photo id at all times when in Spain.


Fines are regularly issued for not complying with the regulations. They start at €100 for not carrying a mask or incorrectly wearing one (eg. chins & elbows) to a maximum of €6,000 for grave offences.


When sunbathing and swimming, as long as you can maintain 1.5 metres from other people, not from your household. In reality, this means once you are settled on the sand if on a beach, or your sun bed by the pool, you can remove your mask.

If you are walking in an open natural space in the countryside, you can remove your mask as long as you can maintain 1.5 metres from other people.

When practising individual outdoor sports (eg. running & cycling). This is aimed at athletes training. You may be challenged if riding a hire bike along the seafront – check with your hire shop for further advice if masks are required for the duration of your rental.

Anyone with a medical reason as to why they are exempt from wearing a mask, should carry a doctor’s letter with Spanish translation.


If you need to buy more masks during your stay, you can purchase a pack of disposable face masks at supermarkets and pharmacies, along with travel size hand gels. Your mask should your cover mouth and nose (as in the image above), rather than a visor or makeshift scarf.

In Summary

Please respect our local rules and if in doubt wear a mask.