Obviously we have a vested interest! But we also recognise that these days on the internet, it’s easier than ever to research online and even to book your own holidays while comparing prices between booking with a tour operator or splitting out the elements and booking them separately.

But we believe we add a level of protection and service which means you should consider using us, or any other travel agent:

1/ Natural disasters are happening more frequently

We had the Ash cloud issue, the hurricane in The Caribbean and the more recent eruptions in Bali. We can’t stop those things happening, but part of out job is to step in and sort it out for you if you have been affected. We’ll probably be on to it before you even think about calling us.

2/ The travel industry is struggling

Over the last year or so, Low Cost Beds and Monarch Holidays have both gone bust, along with several smaller tour operators. We suffered the Ryanair flight cancellation debacle, and dealt with British Airways computer meltdown. In every case, customers who had booked with a travel agent had someone on their side, dealing with the issues and getting them sorted.

3/ The world is constantly changing

As travel agents, part of our job is stay up to date with what’s happening all over the world – which destinations are exciting and safe, and which aren’t! We “discover” new destinations and types of holiday much sooner, so the perfect break for you could be somewhere you’ve never even heard of!

4/ To us, you’re a person

When you book online, you’re simply a piece of binary code being controlled and allocated by processors. When you deal with a travel agent, we’ll learn about you, your family and friends, adding that knowledge to make sure you get the very best from your holiday.

5/ Time is precious

Travel agents spend all day, every day searching for the best options and we know the fastest tools to use for any specific need. We’ll do all the leg work, freeing you up to get on with what you do best, so you won’t have to spend hours poring over options and notes on scraps of paper.

6/ Travel agents can often save you money, but will always add value

We’ll make sure we get you the best possible price for your holiday. Generally, it will be cheaper than you can find it, but we can’t always guarantee that. What we can promise is that we’ll always add value – things like personal tips of what to do or where to eat, based on our own knowledge. And we’ll always work hard to make sure our clients get the best rooms and any possible upgrades – after all, we want you to keep using us!

7/ We get unique offers

Because of the volume of business we do, tour operators are always getting in touch with us to give us unique offers. These are often not advertised in magazines or online, and can include unusual mixes – for example putting a China tour together with a cruise on the Yangtse River, or combining am overnight train journey with a double city break.

8/ We know a lot!

We know how much time you need on your passport for a specific destination, or what visas you’ll need. We know whether that cruise is better going from East to West or vice versa. We know when you can save money by booking a local excursion rather than pre booking it with your tour operator and we know which car hire company won’t demand a £1000 deposit.

In short, we’ll save you time, we’ll add value and we’ll get the best of you. And best of all, if anything does go wrong, we’ll deal with it.

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