The Canary Islands are a bit of an anomaly – on paper, we are in Europe (although geographically we are in Africa,) and we are part of the European Union, but we don’t have EU taxes or VAT and we are duty free!

So goods are free of duty, and because our equivalent of VAT is only 7%, there are some big savings to be made!

The reason for this is that the islands are a special economic zone of the EU, and we have separate fiscal rules to the rest of Spain and Europe.

For example, a carton of 200 branded (Malboro for instance) is about €34, a litre of Johnnie Walker Red Label Scotch is about €12 and you can make decent savings on perfumes and any other tobacco products too.

But because we’re duty free, you are restricted on what you can take home.

Allowances per person

Age restrictions do apply to these – 18 years old for alcohol and 16 for tobacco.

200 Cigarettes or 100 Cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250G of tobacco

4 litres of wine

16 litres of beer

I litre of spirits over 22% or two litres under 22% (including sparkling or fortified wines)

£300 worth of goods, such as perfumes

You can find full details at HM Customs website.

Don’t risk getting caught with more than the above – flights to Europe from The Canaries are carefully monitored, and people are regularly caught out.